Roughcuts and Revisions

We've had the good fortune of working with a wide range of clients, major global brands, fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, media companies, TV stations and small/medium local businesses. Each have had different experiences in working with editors and production companies. For clients who are relatively new to video production and editing, we're offering a couple tips for a smoother workflow, avoid miscommunication and set expectations in advance:

ROUGHCUTS (files will be labeled RC to indicate roughcut)

Roughcuts are unfinished works-in-progress, meaning they are INCOMPLETE, UNFINISHED and REQUIRE FURTHER EDITING AND/OR FINISHING. The purposes for sending a client a rough cut is to show work progress and get feedback on 1. Structure/concept, 2. Story/flow  3. Style 4. Shot selection. Elements like color correction/grading, sound, graphics, timing, titles and transitioned will usually not be addressed at this stage. 

A Roughcut is akin to a manuscript for novels: unbound, no cover, basic typewriter font, notes a scribbles, too long and still in need of editing. The manuscripts needs work on the CONTENT before going into finishing.


Please take your time and go over the video several times so you don't miss anything. Notes received in later rounds that could be addressed at this stage will greatly delay the delivery of the video. So take your time with the feedback. Ask any and all questions you may have and assume nothing. We are more than happy to guide you through this process, explain our intentions and] make any and every change you need.


Once we receive your notes, we have to schedule revisions to address it. We always give priority to revisions, however, there may be a delay of up to one week before we can apply your notes and continue the editing.

FINISHED CUTS (files will be labeled FC to indicate this)

A finished cut has all your notes incorporated and has been timed, finalized transitions and final graphics and final Voice over. This edit is almost ready to be shown and distributed. All that is missing is the final color grading and audio mixing. However, we advise that of the two rounds of revisions, you save one for this stage to address any final issue the video may have.


We also send a few screengrabs with different color grades for you to approve.  Here you can see how the final video will look (in stills). We would also appreciate your feedback on the grading of the still at this stage. Possible notes for the grading can be: brighter/darker, less/more contrasty, more/less saturation, cooler/warmer hues, more natural skin tone etc. Once we have your color grade notes, we apply them to the style you've chosen and do a final audio mix.

FINAL CUT (files will be labeled FINAL to indicate this)

This file/video is ready to be broadcast, posted and shown to the world. We usually send two files for each video: one is a high-res version (usually labeled ProRes or Uncompressed) and used for editing or creating subsequent formats of the video you may need at a later time and a Web version (usually labeled H264) which is ready for online usage and meets the data rate and file size standards for most platforms.



Revisions are a normal and necessary part of video production and editing. Revisions offer clients the opportunity to send feedback, make changes, adjust and re-work the video to their liking. We try and get it right the first time, but no two people have the same taste, idea or visual imagination. Therefore, we rely on your revision notes to get it right. Our number one goal is to satisfy your requirements. So, the more accurate and detailed your comments, the better we are able to address them and revise the video to hone it closer to your requirements. 


It would be most helpful to receive your feedback in written format. Please use a valid video player to review the roughcut (ie Quicktime or VLC linked below). We advise against using web-based players (ie Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, etc) for viewing roughcuts. We also advise against posting the video to social media sights as the video is not ready and will not reflect the best version, even though you may be happy with it.


Quicktime Player for Mac    VLC for Mac    VLC for windows


When sending notes and feedback, please use the video player timecode as a reference point for your notes. Sample below:

:02 opening logo too small. Resize to half the width of the screen

:58 remove shot of workers laughing

1:22 this shot should be switch with the following shot at 1:28